The right expertise and class-leading technologies are your gateway to maximising the strategic value of your assets.  Our solutions generate real business value for asset-intensive organisations.

Asset Performance Management specialists

We provide specialist services and practical solutions that maximise the performance of your assets and infrastructure.

Whether you require strategic analysis, tactical advice, asset performance analytics or supporting software solutions, we pride ourselves in our ability to customise solutions fit to your needs.

Backed by our hard-won industry experience and offering innovative technology solutions, we deliver proven results.

We've built long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients because of our determination to continue to add value to their bottom line.

Our services

Enterprise Asset Performance Management

Learn how our solutions can quickly impact your bottom line performance and maximise return on your assets

Strategic Asset Management

In an environment of increased competitive pressures and finite resources, more and more is being demanded from assets and workers.

At Meta, we understand the expectation to deliver optimal outcomes with minimised investment.  This begins with a robust strategy, developed in accordance with the risk and criticality profile of your assets.

We are experts in presenting you with the right strategic advice you need to optimise your asset performance and gain a competitive edge.

Maintenance and reliability

Maintenance departments are in a constant battle to try and balance cost against  asset performance requirements and reliability standards.

Undertaking the correct maintenance at the optimum time is therefore critical to maintaining cost effective assets.  Together with diligent analysis of unexpected failures, this is key to maximising asset performance.

Underpinned by our experience, our solutions focus on enabling our customers to improve their asset performance, availability and reliability.

Asset Data Analytics

Improving reliability and performance are among the top priorities of industrial facilities and other asset-intensive organisations.

Asset data analytics are crucial to informing your asset management decision making, helping to focus efforts on controlling costs and maximising value from existing investments.

Leveraging the data in your operational and asset information systems, and supported by an extensive software platform, we facilitate true condition based maintenance and predictive maintenance programs.

Industrial Software Solutions

The digital tsunami encompassing smart connected assets, predictive analytics, cloud, big data, mobility and augmented reality has brought the asset to the forefront of business.

The evolution of modern asset performance management presents tremendous opportunity to tap the value of data, leading to significant gains in asset availability, reliability and performance.

Using innovative technologies as the enabler, we offer best practice solutions to minimise risk and maximise return on industrial assets.

Our solutions

Facilities and Buildings

Manufacturing and Industrial


Utilities and Infrastructure

We provide enterprise solutions for asset intensive organisations, uniquely designed for your industry needs.

Oil and Gas

Mining and Resources


Specialty Industries

Our people

Clients approach us from many different industries and various projects.  We've built a diverse team of world-class asset management professionals, engineers, technology specialists and project managers to ensure that we can meet any challenge.


The Meta team have diverse skills and background, all being true practitioners in their chosen fields and united by a common passion for asset management excellence.


Our team works with your team in the trenches with a collaborative and consultative style, facilitating local ownership and achieving lasting results.



Our own effectiveness is gauged by our clients' results.  We provide a highly personalised service, eager to provide our clients with a successful outcome.

Our Difference



Every idea and strategy we suggest is always firmly grounded in the practical, resulting in realistic solutions and action plans that make a difference.  We place a big emphasis on transferring knowledge and skills into your organisation.



We understand that every challenge and every business is unique, requiring a strategic, personalised approach.  We provide a workable structure that has proven the best way to ensure consistent, sustained results for our clients.



Our team are true practitioners with proven track records in their fields of expertise.  We combine our knowledge and experience and translate it into practical, results-oriented solutions to your asset management issues.



We understand your requirement to generate real returns on any investment.  Achieving value is central to everything we do, be it providing "value for money" services, or helping our clients maximise value from their assets.

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